Waiting for a website to load completely is equivalent to waiting in a long queue and it gives people a frustrating experience. The speed and performance of a website plays an important role on bringing huge visitors to the site. If you own a website which is too slow for loading, people will not accept to wait until your site is loaded in their browser. It is very important to have a good website loading speed. Many website owners wonder how to test the speed of their website. They can find many Website load speed test tools available online. They can simply copy and paste their domain name and press enter. Then they can get the result about their website’s loading speed. For more details visit http://www.xyz2.org


A web page loading time within 7 seconds is good. Anything longer than this speed can make visitors leave the site and switch on to another website. The problem with the website owners is how to know their website speed. They can try it by loading the website from their own computer or laptop. This is an easy way to test the website but it cannot bring up the accurate results because the internet connection they use may be slow. This is why website owners are suggested to test their website’s loading speed with the free services available online. They can sign up at a site for free and test their website from several servers located all around the world. If the speed is too low, they have to optimize their site to make it fast.