The wedding is an important event for a family and for the bride & groom. All the countries have some unique culture and they will do some cultural events before or immediate after the marriage. Such things are their beliefs and the bride & groom needs to do it without opposing it. It is easy to find some strange wedding cultures in different countries and still they do it for the goodness of couples. It may seem strange to many people, who do not have or follow such activities. So, here the users can find some strange events that are followed as a part of wedding cultures by many people. For more details visit


In Scotland, the relatives of the bride & groom will pour some nasty items like dead fish, rotten eggs, sauces, mud and flour on them to show their affection. In India, the bride who have curse in their astrology notes need to marry a tree before marrying the groom. In Korean tradition, the groom will be beaten by using the cane on his feet before his first night. To select the wedding date in Magnolia, China the bride and groom need to kill the chick and check its liver. In Sweden, if the bride or groom leaves from the table to use the restroom, the bride/groom will get kisses from others. Shooting the bride with fake toys in China is very famous and this event will be conducted on pre-wedding day. Similarly, people are doing different events at wedding based on their culture.