Hello all, thanks for coming back for yet another boom beach installment. How have you guys been liking the latest boom beach update, if you haven’t played boom beach in quite some time, you have missed out on the latest boom beach update and let me give you a quick low down. Boom Beach has turned into a much harder game that’s just much less forgiving to the new players who aren’t so good at boom beach at the moment.

If you didn’t know, boom beach was already difficult for newbies because of the learning curve it has, but with this new update, boom beach is just a much harder game especially for players who don’t really understand the game yet.


But if you’re struggling with boom beach, don’t worry so much, because I will be providing you guys and everyone else who cares to read, some awesome boom beach tips that can be used to directly help you improve your overall game while playing boom beach after the update. The first boom beach tip is to make sure you have enough boom beach rubies to survive a whole battle without running out. Please don’t be “that guy” who constantly is begging and nagging his friends for more in game resources.

Make sure you have enough resources damn you! Don’t run through your resources on your first attack, save some coins for when you’re being attacked and need it for defensive purposes. This tip is quite important and you guys should definitely take heed to this as I promise you it will help tremendously.