In the games of war fire age, you need to feed your army people with food in order to move forward or next level in the battle field to fight against the enemies. Troops will need lots of resources, make sure to award them with foods. Upgrade you farms and food outputs. Update the warehouse to largest level, as it is used to protect your goods. And also upgrade the kingdom’s strong hold regularly, as it will help you to update kingdoms aspects and improves the defense.

Unlock the new troops by researching, as it will increase the army’s power in the battle field. The faster you research, the faster the troops get unlocked. Form alliance within your kingdom. And this will help you to fight with the rival army. Once the alliance is formed, you can build a strong army where buildings become easier and upgradable.

The alliance can be kept strong by helping other fellow members. You will get gold points completing the alliance and daily quest. When you keep on helping your alliance members, you will get gold’s more frequently. The game of war cheats will offer unlimited resources like gold’s, silvers and ores. These things will keep the army troops in balancing position. Focus on building barracks, having more will help you to train your army members or recruit. Use resources for any damages and repairmen’s of army.

Try to get more hospitals in your kingdom, the more you have will keeps your arm strength high and healthy. The red dotted lines indicate that the opposite rival army is going to capture your territory. Let the rival army people come to your place and start attacking. If they start and don’t overtake your area, your army members can easily move in to finish off the people. The only way to safeguard your kingdom is to increase the army members, hospitals and barracks to defend the rival army.