Clean air is the key to a healthy life. You would be surprised to know that indoor air is in fact worse in comparison to outside air. Indoor air carries a number of harmful pollutants such as bacteria, mold, pollen, dust particles, viruses and so on that together work to impure the home ambience. The problem gets more serious when you have pets at home. Unhealthy indoor environment is taxing since it can lead to several health issues such as asthma, allergies, skin rashes and so on. Thus, it’s vital to ensure cleaner air in your home to confirm better health. The post here describes three functional ways to assure cleaner indoor air & healthier home.


Enhance proper ventilation

You should assure proper ventilation in your home so that the unhealthy air and the airborne pollutants don’t stay trapped inside and find an avenue to go out. The experts advise for trickle ventilation here. You have to invest in a 10” high screen equipped with additional filters. This will be compatible to most of windows & would work to permit fresh air inside the home- escorting the indoor air pollutants out.

Turn on your AC

You must turn on your air conditioner machine regularly in summer months to ensure cleaner indoor air and fitter home. You must know that a good share of airborne pollutants is actually water-soluble. As the AC machine removes the water from atmosphere, it works to ward off these pollutants as well. The air conditioner device can work with pollen & particulate matter.

Certified Air purifier

You must make sure to install a HEPA certified air purification system in your home. The HEPA certified air purifiers such as are some of the best in market given that they can remove 99.9 percent of all the usual airborne pollutants. The Pure Rocky Mountain Air Purification system comes with edgy 6/7 stage filtration for best of results.