Is fighting the battle of the bulge proving to be a challenging and unrewarding task for you? If so, you are not alone. Getting rid of your lower stomach fat is not easy; obviously, the ideal method would be to not tack on the pounds in the first place, right :-) Unfortunately though, work and life get in the way. Well, let us explorer some ways to lose that fat.

I will say it again…diet and exercise is the only means of losing your lower stomach fat and keeping it off. You should start by combing a low fat diet and an exercise routine that is both challenging and realistic. This area of fat can be the last to go. Though it looks like the first area you gain weight, but it is not and will prove daunting should you get discouraged during your program.

However, stomach fat is deemed to be the most hazardous to your health, over thigh, buttocks and other fat areas of the body. I wish not to dwell on this topic, but such fat deposits have shown an increased risk of heart diseases and some forms of cancer. Did you know that stress can also have an affect on your lower stomach fat…it is a contributor through aggravation, often caused by everyday factors. Inadequate diets, which lack proper nutrition and a lack of proper exercise, brought on by a sedentary lifestyle can have just as a negative affect.

Besides, would it not be better to show off tight, six-pack abs vs. the bulge? Building lean muscle will not only improve your looks, but will strength your core, which in turn, will allow you to truly have a more fulfilling lifestyle. Anaerobic exercise, like weight training, along with aerobic exercise, like jogging or some other flavor of cardio will dramatically increase your fat decrease…make sense? :-) This can also be done throughout the day; for example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a walk around the office every half-hour to hour, go for a walk before work, during lunch and after work. This will certainly help in lowering your stomach fat.

Just remember that all the exercising, ab crunches, sit-ups and workouts will not reduce your lower stomach fat if you continue to eat at McDonald’s and Burger King. However, reducing your food intake is NOT the recommended diet either. In actuality, you should be increasing your intake, through a better selection of foods and increasing the number of times of eat during the day as well. You will need to decrease your consumption of processed foods, colas, candy, and deserts.

Not certain how I can say this, but dieting and exercising to lower stomach fat requires top-level commitment, time and discipline. Not that you need a personal guide or even a role-model, but you should find a program that can take you step-by-step through the process and keep you motivated.